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Self Study - Starter Course
Swiss German from zero

Are you fed up with not understanding the Swiss? Would you love to participate in conversations with your Swiss Family, friends or colleagues?

Let me present you the solution: Learn Swiss German from scratch without even learning High German before.

Study at your own pace with micro learning explanation videos, exercises, quizzes and learning assessments based on Book 1 "Swiss German for English Speakers".

This is the beginners course for people with little to no High German knowledge. Even if you have an A1, A2, or low B1 in High German this is perfect for you. As you study at your own pace, you can go faster if you wish or review specific things only.

What's included?

You get instant access to all learning units on a monthly basis. Like that you keep working on your knowledge regularly.

Clear Explanations in English

All explanations are in English. For this course no German is required. Step by step you will learn how to understand written things as well.

Access to the Quizlet Class

Study vocabulary with virtual flashcards, which is fun and effective. Study whenever and wherever you want.

Short Study Bits

Study in short bits of 5-20 min, by doing that every day you will step by step build up your Swiss German.

Learning Assessment

After each chapter you have the option to test your knowledge with a short exam.

Additional Exercises

Do additional exercises to practice your listening and reading skills.

Completion Certificate / Achievement Certificate

Outstanding features for highly customizable Courses, Units, Lessons, and Quizzes.

 Bonus: Q&A Sessions

Do you have questions? Join the Q&A group sessions and ask me anything related to Swiss German. (This is included in the subscription)

Bring your language learning journey to the next level

Become a VIP  

Receive personal feedback with comments, examples and tips to all your answers.

This is additional to the Self study Course. So you have to register/deregister for each one separately.

1:1 Study Session  

Book your 1:1 sessions to practice speaking with a native and ask any further questions.

Sessions are 55 min online. You will receive an access link once the timing is confirmed.

Learning Objectives

This is what you'll learn in the starter course.

▪ How to greet people
▪ The Pronunciation
▪ The Alphabet
▪ The numbers 0 - 9'999
▪ To present yourself
▪ Telling the Date
▪ Common Activities
▪ Verb conjugation and sentence structure in present tense
▪ Negation
▪ To express your preferences regarding free time activities
▪ To talk about Professions
▪ The days of the week
▪ To express regularity
▪ The structure "tue" and "go" + additional verb
▪ Ask if someone has time
▪ How to adapt German words in a form
▪ To talk about your family
▪ Possessive Articles
▪ To describe things with Adjectives
▪ Demonstrative Articles
▪ The Diminutive
▪ Continuous Form
Course Material

Course Book

Not included in the course price!
I created own material and published it in the book that teaches you Swiss German from scratch with grammar, reading, listening and speaking exercises.

It's tailored to students
▪ who want to learn Swiss German from zero
▪ who don't have previous knowledge of German
▪ who want to be able to create their own sentences

Features of the book:
  • 137 pages
  • Grammar explanations in English
  • Exercises to practise
  • Audios, solutions, transcripts and vocabulary list included
  • Available in print and ebook format: I recommend getting the print version, as you can annotate and do the exercises on paper, the kindle version doesn't allow annotations!
  • No German knowledge required

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Meet the teacher

Rahel Roth

I am a graduated language teacher for High Schools and since 2018 I have been working as a freelance German teacher online.

I noticed that many of my students would like to learn Swiss German but struggle because of the scarce learning material and courses. Moreover lessons are often tailored to students with at least an intermediate knowledge of German.

My goal is to help expats learn Swiss German from scratch without any previous knowledge of German.

I am  very happy to help you learn such a fancy language as is Swiss German. Let's study together! Viel Spass! (=Have fun!)
Patrick Jones - Course author
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