VIP Starter Course

A video course itself is great, but what if there are questions or your answer differs from mine? Join the VIP Club to get personal feedback on all your tasks and answers to bring your learning experience to the next level.

This is additional to the Self Study Course and gives you the option to practice pronunciation and received guided learning.

Why is this for me?

Personalize your course 

Receive help anytime in case of questions or doubts

Get personal feedback

Receive feedback with explanations, examples and tips

Practice what you actually what to say

Send me your own sentences and receive feedback with comments and explanations

How does it work?

As soon as you become a VIP (that means you paid the monthly subscription) you can send me all your answers to exercises in the book, additional exercises from the course, the dictations, the speaking tasks etc.

No matter whether you work with the book or the ebook. You can send me a picture of your answers, a pdf document, a word document, an audio etc.

Within 24h you will receive the corrections with comments, explanations and tips on your answers.

The personal VIP guided learning is available as long as you are subscribed as a VIP.

The subscription renews itself automatically until you deregister.

Meet the teacher

Rahel Roth

I am a graduated language teacher for High Schools and since 2018 I have been working as a freelance German teacher online.

I noticed that many of my students would like to learn Swiss German but struggle because of the scarce learning material and courses. Moreover lessons are often tailored to students with at least an intermediate knowledge of German.

My goal is to help expats learn Swiss German from scratch without any previous knowledge of German.

I am  very happy to help you learn such a fancy language as is Swiss German. Let's study together! Viel Spass! (=Have fun!)
Patrick Jones - Course author
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