Swiss German - Practice Lessons

Practice what you learnt so far with videos, texts, songs etc. The main focus is on applying and using your previously acquired knowledge of Swiss German and get conformtable speaking and expressing yourself.
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Course Organisation

  • weekly on Wednesdays
  • 13-14h
  • 10x 60min
  • Interactive Online Classes
  • Duration: 2.5 months (10x60min)
  • Start: Wednesday, 23. August 2023
  • End: Wednesday, 25. October 2023
  • ❗ The replays are available until the end of October.

Price: 250 EUR
Why is this course for you?

you successfully completed course 1 and 2
small groups (4 - 6 participants)
✅ effective teaching method
✅ experienced and dedicated teacher
✅ learn about culture about Switzerland
✅ practice what you know with a focus on speaking
✅ course language: Swiss German / English
✅ final learning assessment with personal feedback
✅ personal feedback to exercises
✅ additional exercises if necessary
✅ access to a private messenger group

Learning Objectives

That's what you learn in the practice lessons

▪ Become more comfortable with your speaking
▪ Strengthen your grammar knowledge
▪ Be able to understand a little bit longer conversations and texts
▪ Be able to speak about the texts or listenings, ask questions and answer them
▪ Start understanding different dialects

The classes consist of readings, listenings and speaking tasks with which we combine some grammar exercises to maintain and expand the current knowledge.

The course material will be available on the website beforehand for download.
After every lesson I upload the notes.

Meet the teacher

Rahel Roth

I am a graduated language teacher for High Schools and since 2018 I have been working as a freelance German teacher online.

I noticed that many of my students would like to learn Swiss German but struggle because of the scarce learning material and courses. Moreover lessons are often tailored to students with at least an intermediate knowledge of German.

My goal is to help expats learn Swiss German from scratch without any previous knowledge of German.
Patrick Jones - Course author
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